‘Anatomy of a Landscape’

landscape painting by Susan Wellington

An Australian landscape. When you draw and paint over a long period of time you come to realise that all living things from the macrocosm to the microcosm repeat the same kinds of forms. Hence the the delicate branches of the tree echoes the delicate branches of the human lung, which both echo the delicate branches of the river. It’s endless the correspondences in the physical world. And the mental and spiritual too but that’s another story. To me this painting always reminds me of the internal organs of the body transformed into a landscape.

About the Iconic Landscapes

Creeks and their surrounding areas are the inspiration for this Iconic Landscape painting series. Trees in particular move me. I imagine them as a kind of connective tissue that binds and transforms all of nature’s elements. They are the central axis around which everything else is aligned to, hence the emphasis on the vertical.

The predominant vertical orientation in these paintings is also related to a desire to express the sacredness of the landscape. You’re forced to look upwards mainly- rather than into. Like a religious icon. Not that I want anybody to worship my paintings!

Other themes in these paintings are the duality of nature, the balance between the masculine and the feminine, layers of the earth, and the idea of the boundary which is constantly shifting, breaking down and re-forming.