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Penguin suits on the way to Estonia

We’re just in Estonia- a small, beautiful country on the Baltic Sea- for a couple of weeks for holidays.

baltic out the porthole
View of the Baltic Sea through the cabin porthole.

I’m not quite used to having holidays in the middle of the year, being from Australia, and keep having fleeting feelings like it’s Christmastime. On the ferry last night they had some children’s entertainers dancing in rabbit and penguin suits and  was confused for a moment.

It constantly surprises me how your physical perceptions are so programmed by your experience.

picture of van gogh poster

Very nicely on the walls they had two Van Gogh posters. Kandinsky decorated the hallways. Van Gogh just brings that earthy, summer heat to you especially if it’s raining outside.

kandinsky on ferry




New ways of selling Art with a capital A

Sea waves and birch tree in gouache landscape by Susan Wellington

Here’s an interesting article about the pro’s and cons of Amazon’s new artstore which opened in August.  The Work of Art in the Age of Amazon : The New Yorker.

It’s really just another avenue to sell art for the galleries participating in the main. So it hardly undermines them which has been suggested by a few articles. And an easy way for people who never step into an art gallery to easily access it. There’s some really good original art for sale on it by relatively unknown artists (outside the US anyway). Though here’s an opposing view. In its first week, they offered original lithographs by Dalí, Matisse, and Miró, etchings by Rembrandt, and paintings by Monet.

It’s only American galleries at the moment so I suppose they’ll wait and see how that goes before expanding.  In the end most people would rather see art before they buy. And talk to someone who knows something about the art and the artist. Especially if it’s really expensive. Though it has changed a little. It seems the biggest sellers at the moment are giclee prints rather than original art which is no surprise.


Season’s Greetings

To all those people who’ve visited and commented on my blog a big thanks. I appreciate the feedback and I love hearing everyone’s thoughts.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas period wherever you are.

Thanks Sue

Marvin Gaye and Tammin Terrell singing ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’