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Winter moods in purple and pink

prelim for painting- winter moods in purple and pink acrylic on paper by sue wellington

Here’s a 1st ‘draft’ 20 x 10cm acrylic on paper piece, I did this week for a larger painting on wood.


Working on…

This is a little oil landscape I’ve been working on and off for the last few months. It’s about  perhaps 3/4’s finished but really you never know until it’s finished. I’m calling this series my divine forest frequency paintings.


aqua oil landscape painting - working on - by sue wellington copy
Landscape oil painting in progress 33 x 24cm (12 x 9in)

Little light landscape

little glowing landscape watercolour by sue wellington
Another quick, small (10 x 15cm) landscape watercolour on Fabriano 300gsm rough paper to test techniques. This particular rough paper really collects the watercolour grains in it’s pockets. I didn’t know at first whether I really wanted this effect when painting  the water. It’s a beautiful effect in trees. But for water? But I’ve decided I will use it. The landscape I’m painting is stoney and grey and this paper effect gives a stoney quality to the water so it seems true to the theme.

Breaking up the Jigsaw

Finished a painting today for my neighbour. Hooray! landscape-painting-by-susan-wellington-web.jpg   My neighbour approached me one day when I was sitting outside in the rare Stockholm sun and asked me to do a painting as a gift for her daughter- of her backyard view. It’s a typical swedish landscape of rocks and pines during summer. She gave me a 10 x 15cm photo that she took as the sun was going down. The photo was basically shades of grey and not particularly sharp. So I had to imagine it. I finished it initially a few months ago but she wasn’t that happy with it. The trees were ok but the ground didn’t have enough detail for her. She wanted the rocks. But things are never as simple as just doing more detail on the ground. It was finished- so the pieces fitted together like a jigsaw. So I broke up that jigsaw and did it with more detail. It always takes longer than you think to complete. This time I wore a face mask to block out the fumes a bit. It seemed to have worked though I’m not sure how. I mean it’s just a piece of paper. face mask I’m glad I’ve finished. Though I haven’t shown it to her yet.