Pines at Dusk


 ‘Pines at Dusk’  Oil on linen 38 x 38cm (15 x 15 inches)

About the painting:

You start a painting with an idea in your mind and a drawing mostly. I originally conceived this painting in black and white. Lots of greys like in a pencil drawing. And plenty of texture and a bit of roughness. It’s the forest – refined and rough at the same time.

I wanted starkness and severity and an area of light in bright illumination. But as it developed it started taking on a life of its own. In came the colour- dusty pinks and oranges, a bit of green, blue, a bit of black. And what do you know? The sun is setting. And it’s getting colder. But there’s a promise of a new day. The pines stand silent and strong.


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