‘The Hill with no Name’

Susan Wellington ‘The Hill with No Name’ Oil on Canvas 20 x 50cm 2011

One of a series of paintings on the northern landscape.

The hill in this painting has an irresistable attraction for me. I don’t know why really but it’s like it’s the perfect hill. Not too small and not too big. It gives you a lovely view over the district and a decent exercise getting up it. During winter kids sled down it and during summer people paraglide off it. One day I was doing a drawing of it and I noticed that my drawing started resembling a man with a large stomach lying down with feet in the air. The particular pattern of trees standing in for various parts of the body. The hill of course was the stomach. I don’t know if it was some kind of burial site a long time ago but sometimes the landscape tells you it’s story. I wonder.