Evening Sea sketchbook gouache

‘Evening Sea’ gouache on paper A4

The joy of being part of the cosmos.

The horizontal diamond shapes in the sky represent light and they are moving into and out of the water. An experiment.

We play with the light.

It’s evening.


15 Replies to “Evening Sea sketchbook gouache”

    1. Thankyou so much. So glad you enjoy the feeling. To be together and ponder all of life’s mysteries. Really lovely words too. And thankyou Connie for the reblog too. Sx

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        1. Well I started it one evening. Actually it was last Saturday. Maybe I worked on it for a half an hour at first. It’s basically the same composition I did 2 posts back which was in pastel. I wanted more joy in the picture than there was in the pastel. I tried this one at first in pastel but I didn’t like it so switched to gouache. Then I worked on it again the next day probably for an hour…but maybe should have left it half an hour before that… I may do a finished painting of this idea though. Thanks for asking Connie.

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          1. That’s wonderful. Thank you for telling me, Suz. I usually paint in one sitting but I’m interested in the idea in letting the painting sit for a bit and then come again another day and add another thing. I was curious about this painting, so thank you again! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


            1. Thanks Connie. You’re so kind. It’s great if you can paint in one sitting. I wish I could. But for me it’s really about how I feel when I’ve been working on something. So I wait nearly all the time to see if I still feel the same way the next day. Sometimes you do something and you think that’s great, or I’m not so happy with that. Especially I find when you do something new it can take a little while for your mind to catch up and go yeh I’m happy with it. Waiting cancels out the tendency to paint over something that potentially may be good. And sometimes this can take months to get to that point of emotional clarity about a piece.

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              1. Painting’s my hobby and I’m not professionally trained which is probably why I can just finish something in one sitting. They are usually small pieces too. I’ve never done a big canvas. Thank you for telling me your process. I admire your genuineness in creating your art. It just makes it that much special!


                1. Sorry Connie I’ve been sick the whole week. Thankyou for your lovely comment. In regards to finishing your work in one sitting – it really depends on what you’re trying to say, in combination with your own personality I find. And how much time you’ve got. Are you interested in doing bigger canvases?

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              2. I just thought of this, so sorry for commenting again, but the way you describe this is the way I do when I write my stories. It takes more than just one time and much revision before I post up stories.


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