Pastel Flying…

pastel sea sketch by sue wellington
soft pastel on cartridge paper 27.5 x 15.5cm (10.75 x 6 in)

This is my first attempt for many years – decades – at drawing with soft pastel. It’s a preliminary drawing for a sea oil painting, so it’s pretty rough.

I must say it was fun – the pastel just flows onto the paper so easily. The dust was flying.

I don’t know, at this stage, whether all that dust was normal… or whether I had the wrong paper. Well I know I had the wrong paper. It was cartridge and wouldn’t have had enough ‘tooth’ – or surface texture – in it.

The colour is so brilliant with soft pastels as it’s just pure pigment with a little gum binder.

Seasoned pastel artists build up their work by using pastel pencils or cheaper pastels and then do the final layers in their best quality soft pastels. I can understand that, as the pastels are expensive.

It’s hard to resist the lure of the pastel. Soft or otherwise.



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