Dear deer at the Back of Aleksandras House

deer at the back of aleksandras house watercolour by sue wellington
‘Deer at the Back of Alek’s and Johan’s House’ watercolour on Hahnemuhle veneto paper 10 x 7cm


Seeing ‘real’ deers are one of the joys of living in Sweden.

I’ll never get used to seeing deers- making themselves at home in people’s backyards here.

I didn’t grow up with deers. I grew up with kangaroos. (Though not really. You don’t really see them in the suburbs near the beach in Melbourne – though it is relatively easy to see them in the outer suburbs… where there’s open countryside.)

We visited a friend last weekend and I did this watercolor of the deer who was relaxing amongst the woodpile in the backyard.

Her neighbours can’t stand them and have built a fence to keep them out. You should be so lucky.