Feng Shuiing the Studio

It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks. Full of ups and downs. (And then Prince died… thankyou for the music Prince.)

Getting spiked by a falling Aloe Vera

I suddenly became obsessed with ‘feng shuiing’ the house, (I don’t know if there is such a word but it sounds like you’re shooing things away- which you are) to try to improve my health.

Supposedly having a feng shuied house- which means the energy in the house is energising you rather than depleting you- is one third of your prosperity, health and success.

Supposedly… you should walk in the door and feel fantastic. And if you don’t- you move or add appropriate items to each direction of the feng shui bagua.

I went the whole hog and bought a compass. And worked out the directions for all the rooms in the house.


feng shui map of the house

Interestingly enough, we’d intuitively placed many things in the right sectors.


red heart gouache sketchbook drawing 19 4 08 by sue wellington klee like green squares gouache sketch book 15 4 08 by sue wellington
Gouache from one of my sketch books that I stumbled upon while moving shelves and things. Another gouache from the same sketchbook.


My tiny studio is actually in the creative sector which is west.

(The other directions are north west – helpful people, north – career, north east – spiritual growth, east – health, south east – money, south – fame, south west – love and marriage.)

It’s taken 2 weeks to finally decide that everything is in the right place.

After moving books and printers and boxes of art materials- from the north to the south and back again- including my aloe vera plant that spiked me in annoyance. I’m now sitting in the feng shui power position – which is facing the door.


studio 2

Supposedly, you should be able to see directly who is coming in. I must say- I did feel a subtle energy difference when I moved into this position.

It doesn’t seem to make you more creative though.

Read how to do it at Feng Shui for Artists


Why Am I doing This?

Still working on the watercolour and gouaches. Sometimes I think why am I doing this?

Recently my creativity just disappeared… which it hardly ever does. I mentioned it to Hiie, but then as soon as I did, it was back again.

Who knows?


first stage watercolour by sue wellington Rock in the local forest. Can you see the face?

rock in forest photo by sue wellington

First stage of watercolour.

Black and Blue and a Tutu please

It’s inspiring to look at other people’s art when you’re feeling lacklustre.

Before I came to live in Stockholm from Melbourne, I used to think ‘oh there must be so much art to see’.

Well no. You see more in Melbourne. The main National Gallery in Stockholm is closed for years. And there’s barely a shred of anything much in the temporary gallery. Though it doesn’t look like it when you first enter it.


national museum stockholm photo by sue wellington
Temporary gallery for the National Gallery Stockholm.


Andy Warhol in sverige

Sweden is well and truly captivated by conceptual art and artists. Though they have got an Andy Warhol show starting soon. He is a painter and printmaker- so I can’t complain- though a rather conceptual one. (“The reason I’m painting this way is that I want to be a machine” Andy Warhol – shivers…)

(I must say I enjoyed his diary – it was very funny.)

They just had a huge Warhol show in Melbourne. Hemisphere to hemisphere Andy Warhol.

You get desperate to see a great painting show here. And now there’s going to be a huge David Hockney show starting in Melbourne this November. (I’m jealous.)

I love that he loves colour.

…you can never have too much colour up the top of the world… with the gloomy weather and all.

The Stockholmers get about in a lot of black and dark blue  – you’d die to see a hot pink tutu on someone.

Inside houses and public buildings the style is more light with colour accents though. But outside. No.

Though our house is yellow.

Like Van Gogh’s yellow house…