Pine Tree on an April Day: watercolour on paper

pine tree unfinished watercolour and acrylic by sue wellington

The roots twist and turn in a dance with the earth.

‘Pine Tree on an April Day’ unfinished watercolour and acrylic on cotman 300gsm paper postcard size

ps. Twitter Exhibit

I mentioned last week about the twitter exhibition in New York. Well, I managed to stay up till 1am Stockholm time, to watch the exhibition opening on periscope tv.

It was great… when it worked.

It’s the first time I’ve watched anything on periscope, so I don’t know whether that’s a common occurrence.

Anyway, it was good to watch 5 mins of the founder, David Sandum, giving a speech to a packed audience. It was a good vibe. I sold my postcard too… which was fantastic. All the proceeds go to Foster Pride’s ‘handmade program’.