The animator who animates your drawing!


Glen Vilppu’s a brilliant drawing teacher (he was an animator at Disney earlier on in his life), I discovered recently (while confined to bed with a flu – one of the few times I don’t feel guilty wasting time surfing the internet), on youtube with a fantastic analytical method of teaching drawing that makes learning to draw that bit easier and more enjoyable to master.

It’s for the beginner to the professional artist and the goal is to be able to draw the figure from your imagination accurately and with life in it.  It’s an essential skill to have if you create anything involving the figure.


I was taught drawing by a number of teachers years ago. One used the method taught in the Bauhaus which is hard to explain what it was all about now but here’s an article on it. (Though I still have the original notes somewhere.  I’ll have to get them out.)

The Bauhaus method was quite abstract and all about internal ‘forces’. It’s very dry but it did help me to look at the emotional impact of the ‘mark’ itself.

Kandinsky ‘Composition 8’

The other method is using the pencil as the measuring tool. When looking at for example, a person, you raise your arm with the pencil in your hand in front of the subject and compare and contrast the subject’s proportion and shapes in relation to the length of the pencil and also the horizontal and vertical of the pencil. Mostly everyone uses this method. It’s foundational for drawing.

I had a few light bulb moments when watching his videos as I’d been creating figures from my imagination for years but I didn’t use any logical method just my visual memory. That’s ok but Glen’s methods  make the whole process faster.  I’d thoroughly recommend his ‘tools’ as he calls them.

Here he is talking about gesture.

His online Art Academy.

His You Tube channel.

His store which sells manuals, cd’s and downloads.

If you can’t afford to buy the manuals and CD’s etc  you can read the books for free on google books.


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