Painters I’ve been looking At 2: Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923) Spanish painter


I find the Spanish painter Sorolla to be one of the most technically amazing painters, because of his ability to render water and the beach light so perfectly. The colour… so sensitive and so dazzling in it’s variety…

He gets the joy and freedom (with a touch of melancholy) of being at the beach.

Nobody else (I can think of) in the history of art does it so well. And so many paintings. Hundreds… though I’m not sure of the exact number. But the man was absolutely prolific.

 Many of his pictures were painted in from four to six mornings. Many in one or two on the site.

Supposedly he had no patience for slow painting. I know what he means.


Sorolla Museum in Madrid



    1. Yes thanks for the link Christina. A more serious painting than many of his others. Quite subdued colour it seems. Perhaps he was trying to say something about motherhood? There’s a feeling of longing and loss in it to me.

      1. Thanks Susan. What an interesting interpretation! Since I had seen this painting after a special exhibit of families at the beach, it seems like a very relaxed image – like a mother calling in her children to go home. I suppose you’ve seen a lot more Sorolla works than me and can place this is his oeuvre with perhaps a little more perspective. I can definitely see you point. I think the curators definitely highlight the protective aspects of motherhood by placing these images together.

        1. Thanks for the comment Christina. It sounds like a good exhibition at Cincinnati. My interpretation was only based on the image on your post so the actual painting could give across quite a different feeling in real life. I really don’t know. But the composition which you can see even online pretty accurately, stands out- he uses very strong diagonals which create a cross in the composition- creating a sense of drama and movement- and pain to me.
          You’ve seen one more Sorolla than me- I haven’t seen any of his paintings yet in real life which I’d love to change at some stage.

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