The never ending tinkering of Blogging


If any of you have a blog out there you know that there is always something to do on it -aside from writing the posts that is. It’s seriously never ending. You could go all day and night everyday and there’d still be more to do on it. And especially on wordpress you’re always being offered tempting new templates to use instead of the one you’re using now. It’s hard to resist the call of the fabulous new designs that are constantly on offer. I’ve chopped and changed my blogs so many times that I decided I’d better stop as nobody would read it. So I might be using the 2011 theme when it’s 2012 but so be it! I’m not having a design change for at least a year.

Anyway I have decided to shut up shop of my old blog ‘suz landscape painting journal’ and move everything to this one. So if you’re new to this blog here’s a list below of popular posts from my previous one that you might be interested in.

Art of the landscape: Best Australian painters 1.

Art of the landscape: Best Australian painters 2.

My journey to paint the swedish landscape.

Monet’s waterlily paintings at the Musee de L’Orangerie.

A spring visit to the Gothenberg Museum of Art.

The kangaroo in Australian painting.

Postcards from the Snow.

Musee Madness: A visit to the Musee de Louvre, Paris

Walk like an Egyptian: A visit to the British Museum.

A cup of tea with Monet, Turner and Twombly.

William Robinson: Landscape painter extraordinaire.

Music and the art of painting.

Cezanne: my first landscape painting love.


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