New paintings: the satisfaction of finishing

I finished a few small paintings last week which I’m happy about.

Susan Wellington 'Pine on an Island' 2012 Oil on Canvas

Susan Wellington painting of trees in spring 2012 oil on canvas

Susan Wellington oil painting of swedish landscape

Now I have to finish off some larger ones. Sometimes it’s like walking on a tightrope painting. You can very easily fall off and that’s the end. All that effort wasted. Yesterday I worked on this landscape for a few hours and it was going nowhere. I was hoping I would finish it yesterday but I just wasn’t happy with what I’d done, then decided to eliminate most of the composition. And left one tree. Then I was happy.



    1. Thankyou Zara for the enthusiasm. It’s always a surprise how things are going to turn out. You have an idea in your mind at the beginning but often it turns out completely different. Stuff from your unconscious gets put into the mix that you weren’t so much aware of.

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