The Sirius Project by Dr Steven Greer


If anyone doesn’t know about Dr Steven Greer yet he’s a former emergency doctor who has dedicated himself for the last few decades to bringing the truth about extraterrestrials into the public domain. He’s written a few amazing books about these experiences (I’ve read one and you can see and read about his organisation CSETl and all it does at or there’s heaps of videos on you tube.) At the moment he is in the process of creating a documentary film about it and has put out a worldwide request to be a supporter. It’s being produced by Emmy award winning Neverending Light Productions. If you’re interested in having a look or being a supporter here’s the link.


Fantastically the Sirius documentary has been completed and is ready for its big premiere on April 22nd 2013 (Earth Day). Basically it shows that the earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations who can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light, using technology, the knowledge of which has been suppressed from the public, according to this documentary. Make up your own mind by taking a look. Here’s the trailer.

You can watch the movie online from April 22nd and if it’s not playing in a cinema near you by clicking on the poster below.



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