John’s painting of our beautiful blue ball

John Fitzgerald landscape paintingHere’s a painting from a series of aerial landscapes of Victoria, Australia by my friend John Fitzgerald. I just love their boldness and clarity. They’re quite large (about 90 x 90cm) and when you see them in real life you actually feel like a bird hovering high above the land. They’re deeply freeing paintings.

Here’s what he says about his work:

My paintings are evocations of the atmosphere and energy that l feel to be true and representative of places that l have come to know. I use local color, but also color, that for me, expresses the mood or essence of a particular place at a particular time. They are based on my own experience’s, feelings/perceptions. They are subjective and personal, but absolutely real for me. I paint from an aerial perspective so that l can go beyond the literal, and imbue the land with a sense of what l perceive to be it’s power, force, presence and monumentality. I am interested in archetypal forms in nature. Forms that are aesthetically similar when viewed in a particular context, but entirely different in their operation;-as in the coast-line, mimicking a horizon line, or a line of hills, when seen from above. For me this geographic form allows me to suggest, in paint, the unity of all elements, atmosphere and earth, physical
and spiritual, and it is from this stand-point of unity that l paint.

He’s going to have an exhibition at some stage in 2012 or early 2013 so I’ll keep you posted when the dates get closer.


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