New painting: ‘Winter landscape for You’

Susan Wellington ‘Winter Landscape for You’  20 x 50cm Oil on Canvas 2011

I’m finishing up with this series of small landscape paintings. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience that’s for sure. Walking, drawing,  photographing in the forest most days. I tried to paint something that encapsulates the energy and the spirit of the landscape in Sweden. Something of the preciousness of jewels.  I think I achieved that in a few. The paintings have evolved to become more and more abstract to the point where my new paintings will be abstract I think. And much bigger. I’ve still got a couple to finish off though. You can take a look at more of this series here.

In this painting I was really concerned about trying to get an energy and atmosphere of clarity and freshness through colour. Colour fields. Not the effects of the sun’s light. But a kind of all over brilliance.The trees are slightly comical. A little awkward like waiting guests at a party. Not quite all there.

55 Fascinating Forest Photographs

‘Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.’

Henry Ward Beecher



  1. Sue, your new paintings are simply stunning! My absolute favourite is Pink and Purple Landscape. Love the calendar too. Congratulations. Larne

  2. Another impressive piece with such a lovely setting! I think Bob Ross would be proud of the ‘happy little trees’ – even if they seem to be waiting awkwardly, like party guests 🙂 Wonderful work!

  3. Thanks again mediaudio. I hadn’t heard of Bob Ross but I’ll be looking forward to finding out about him.

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