Oil painting of forest in summer by Susan Wellington

New landscape painting ‘Wonderland Green’ 2011

Oil painting of forest in summer by Susan WellingtonSusan Wellington ‘Wonderland Green’ Oil on Canvas 50 x 20 cm 2011 Sold

In summer the forest landscape turns the brightest greens. You feel saturated with the green ray of light as you stroll through the forest. It’s cooling and calming but paradoxically stimulating at the same time. I’m getting to know all the trees in the forest. This particular group stood out to me like they were welcoming me into their circle of friends. Friendliness permeates the forest as the trees protect and shelter you with their green light.

‘To find the essence of a place is my goal.’    Suz



  1. I can breath it …. the sunlight drinking leaves … more the light, bright sun … feel with this painting more spring than summer …. comes up a quiet poem …

    Dear regards –

    1. Wow what a fantastic response Karen. Thankyou. Yes you’re right it is more spring than summer as spring seems to have more brilliant greens.

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