Photo of swan defending its territory

The joy of snapping: photographing birds

Photo of swan defending its territory

I take a camera with me basically everywhere I go. My father gave me one for a Christmas gift 3 years ago and I’ll be forever grateful that he did as it opened up a creative outlet that I’d forgotten all about. I rediscovered the joy of snapping. (I’d only ever used the camera to take photos of my paintings which if you’ve done it is always a bit of a pain trying to get the lighting right.) Digital cameras are the best thing since sliced bread I reckon. You can take as many photos as you like. Store them easily. Print them at home if you want. They’re beaut.

I have just a simple Canon Powershot A470 but I’m hoping to upgrade at some point to a Canon EOS 60D so I can shoot better photos, especially of subjects in low light. And of birds. I’ve taken some good shots of birds in the past with my small camera though. But if you’re using the zoom at all there’s a strong chance the the photo could be out of focus and you’ve lost a great shot.

I took the photo of the swan above last weekend at Edsvik in Stockholm. It was a fantastic display of competitive behaviour from this swan who any time another swan came into it’s orbit flew after them with a vengeance. I had never seen such aggressive behaviour from a swan, who puffed up like a fierce looking snowball when he wasn’t flying. Trying to get a good close up shot when the bird is moving so fast is harder than you think. I had on the multiple shot setting but still couldn’t get the whole bird in the frame. The focus in the shot is ok but it could be better. Maybe next time.

Me and a number of other photographers standing around with huge lenses had a great time that day. When the sun is shining and you’re visiting the sea the camera is indispensable.

Check out this wonderful English photographer

“They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my reality.”

Frida Kahlo



  1. I have a Canon Powershot and am AMAZED at the high quality photography I get with it. My wife recently got a Nikon 3100D, so she gave me her Canon EOS 1000D, which I love a lot, but my Powershot is still my ‘go-to’ for a quick shot.
    Good blog post!

    1. Thanks Aaron. Yeh they really do do great shots for such a compact little camera. But as I said I still have problems with the focus. It’s the digital focus that’s the problem it seems. I’d be interested to know if you have focus problems at all with your powershot?

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