Landscape drawing in black pen. Akalla, Sweden.

Landscape drawing 1: Chilling out in Sweden

Landscape drawing in black pen. Akalla, Sweden.

Drawing of my local neighbourhood in Akalla, Sweden. It’s winter and snow is everywhere. I do my exercises walking around this area and it gives me a chance to find some great spots to draw. In this drawing there’s a small hill in the background that paragliders use on the occasional sunny day here in Sweden. And occasionally I powerwalk up it for some extra hard walking too. I must say it’s hard drawing in this climate. Your hands almost drop off in the cold.  It’s done in a black pen called a Zig Photo Signature. I really approach this type of drawing firstly to get to know the landscape, so it’s pretty raw. To tune into the landscape’s energy is the goal. Drawing forces you to slow down and chill out a bit. Literally here in Sweden!

Cezanne, you see, is a sort of God of painting.




  1. It’s an excellent way of capturing the snowy landscape.

    A friend once painted a view of a tree for my mum on a winter’s afternoon stood in a freezing cold stream. You have to suffer for your art!!

  2. Well she really must’ve liked it then. 35 years is a long time to have a picture on the wall. I seem to change the pictures on my wall every couple of months.

  3. My parents had a Whistler print that moved from one house the next, and we still have it. Good art doesn’t get old. I enjoy reading your blog.

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  4. Thanks again Dirty Butter. Very true what you say about good art. What was the Whistler print?

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