Birch tree gouache landscape painting

Music and the art of painting

Birch tree gouache landscape painting by Susan Wellington‘A walk through yellow and pink’   2010

Preliminary gouache study for oil painting.

Sometimes it gets a bit lonely painting. It’s just you in a room with your paints. I find this is always lessened having the radio on as company. My favourite station at the moment to accompany me while I work is US National Public Radio. I just love it. Sometimes I vary it with the BBC. I don’t often listen to music as I find, especially with classical music, that it distracts me. Though sometimes I get hooked into some album that I play over and over again while I’m painting. It doesn’t really distract me for some reason, it’s like having an old friend in the room. At the moment I have on the Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile on Main Street’ over and over again. The Rolling Stones always make me feel positive about life. I did one whole series of landscape paintings to the sounds of one of Tina Turner’s albums. Someone who bought one of those paintings found out I did it listening to Tina and was horrified. I don’t tell anyone now what I listen to in case they hate them.



  1. Love your paintings, wish I was so creative 🙂

    I tend to have the TV on all the time rather than the radio and every now and again I glance at it.

  2. Thanks Jackie. Yeh the tv can be great company too. I don’t have it on though cos I find it too distracting visually.

  3. I have to listen to music while I’m working, I listen to allsorts and I’m getting hooked on Radio EYB! now The BBC is kept strictly for the kitchen. I love this painting, made me think of Monet…

    1. Thanks Anji. Yes I listen to Radio Eyb too. It’s enjoyable when you’re surfing. I’m glad you like the picture. You know sometimes you end up painting in a style in a way that’s a surprise to yourself. I only try to be truthful to what I see and feel and it just ends up looking like impressionism good or bad.

  4. I like this painting as well… (I’ll have to look deeper at the blog, and the answer is probably there, but do you sell your art?)

    Unless I’m sitting at my computer working, I tend to have both the TV and Radio off. I’m not much into TV shows, although I do love a good movie, and most movies are good in my eyes (at least if you ask my Mom or my wife….). If I’m on the computer, I’ve been listening to Radio ExposeYourBlog!. Now to get it more music and change it more often….. (If you have recommendations, be sure to send them to me!!)

    If I am driving, I am normally listening to CDs on various topics dealing with religion, personal growth or business growth.

    Music wise though I do listen to country, religious stuff, and classical mainly.

  5. Thanks Don. Yes I do sell and exhibit. Yeh I found the car a good place to listen to personal development kind of stuff. Haven’t heard much country on expose your blog. Though I’m not a huge fan, I don’t mind the occasional song. Mainly old stuff like Hank Williams. I don’t mind Willy Nelson too. They’re good to paint to as well.

    1. I try not to put too much country up because I get the feeling most people don’t like it… But I had to go to my Step Son to get non-country music to play (although he mainly listens to country too…).

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