Watercolours in Estonia

beach landscape watercolour

This week I’ve been staying in a little beachside town in Estonia called Haapsalu which is the most gorgeous, inspiring town for painters. It’s a flat, reedy landscape with a lot of sky and an old town going back to the 13th century. It’s very tranquil and I felt like getting out the watercolours. The pictures aren’t that tranquil though. Must be me. Well I know it is. I find it incredibly hard to be tranquil and serene in my work and in my life probably. Though when I’m actually doing the artwork I’m at my most tranquil. A paradox.

beach landscape watercolour


6 Replies to “Watercolours in Estonia”

  1. These are beautiful! I wish I could put on paper what I see in my head. Never turns out that way, though. That’s why I like stick figures!


  2. Thanks I’m glad you like them Missconstrued. You know my work never turns out with what’s in my head visually but I try to approximate emotionally what’s in my heart. That’s half the battle, knowing when to let go and let the picture itself take over and forget about what’s in your head. It’s amazing what you can do with stick figures though!


  3. Yes Anjiknut they are but the watercolours were just preliminary drawings really, which are more naturalistic than my finished artwork. I don’t know if I’ll do any paintings based on these watercolours. We’ll see. Estonia is a very beautiful country. Very flat and full of birch trees. It’s a tiny population so much of it is untouched. It’s a great place for birdwatching and painting and there’s heaps of artists there.


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