Painted yellow flowers with violet and blue background

Sunday afternoon flowers

Painted yellow flowers with violet and blue background by Susan Wellington

This is a flower gouache I’ve been working on for a present.  What do you think? I’ve  finished it and I’m happier than I was with it, though the flowers have lost their individuality a bit and the composition’s a bit awkward. Though I find the simplicity appealing at the same time. My work is always a balance between total simplicity and something more complex emotionally. It’s pretty intense and sometimes I find it embarrassing. It’s impossible not to think of Van Gogh whenever you paint flowers.  At the moment I’ve just started reading an old book written by Irving Stone about Van Gogh called ‘Lust for Life’ which is a bit of a potboiler but I’m looking forward to reading more.  Van Gogh is just the painter.



  1. I loved that book! I can’t help wondering; if he appeared today he’d just be treated like any other homeless person down on his luck. I hope that somehow he knows how his paintings are much loved by people today.

  2. Yes I agree Anjiknut. Nice comment. You have such a strong feeling about Van Gogh before you even read the book that it’s like he’s one of your family. I find it slightly painful reading it as a consequence. Yes I really hope too, that he knows how much he is loved.

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