A walk in the country becomes electrifying

Painted eucalyptus tree with bright blue background by Susan WellingtonGouache study of a eucalyptus tree.

Sometimes after a sustained session of painting I go out for a walk in the country and a strange thing happens. The trees or flowers seem to stand out in intricate detail, like I have special vision or something. It’s amazing. It doesn’t happen always but often it does. I think it must have something to do with the level of concentration and perceptual changes you experience while painting or drawing and it just carries on for a while after. It happened yesterday after painting when I went outside, it goes away eventually, sadly. I wonder if any other artists experience this too?



    1. That’s interesting. I wonder how many other visual artists experience it. It’s a shame you don’t do much painting. Can you see the ones you’ve done anywhere?
      At the moment I’m finding the computer a major distraction from serious work. You get hooked into it and I find I’m not getting to pick up the paint brushes as much as I should. It’s very addictive.

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