I had to laugh

The last few days I’ve stressed myself out trying to find documents and images on 3 different computers in the house. I was trying to update my website homepage and create a portfolio. Weebly (where the website’s hosted) is annoying as you have to upload an image each and every time unlike wordpress. Having the media… More I had to laugh

Abstract Seascape in Blue and Red: watercolour on paper

Recently I was in Melbourne for a couple of months and we managed to visit a couple of stunningly beautiful towns by the seaside. Namely Lorne and Phillip Island. Yes the Phillip Island where the little penguins come in to sleep every night amongst the sand dunes, cheered on by hundreds of crazy humans. How… More Abstract Seascape in Blue and Red: watercolour on paper

Just finished ‘A promise’ landscape watercolor

Finished this watercolor yesterday. It’s inspired by an island in Stockholm called Djurgården, which was the old royal hunting grounds. Now, it’s the big tourist island in Stockholm as the zoo and lots of museums and cafes are there. Though with all that, it’s mainly open woodland surrounded by water, and you really feel like… More Just finished ‘A promise’ landscape watercolor