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‘Requiem for the Bird’

bird painting by sue wellington

Sue Wellington ‘Requiem for the Bird’  2004 Oil on Canvas 91 x 91cm 

Why I painted this painting…

A couple of years before I completed this painting I had a dream… and it was a very strange and powerful dream.

In the dream I was approached by this giant bird over 7 feet tall.

He basically said to me that I had to look after the bird kingdom… and paint some images of them (like a commemoration)… because they were going to be extinct.

In the dream I already felt it was too late for the bird kingdom. And tragically it’s confirmed everyday in the news.

The birds in the painting are all Australian native birds… and at various stages of the life cycle. In my imagination I saw and heard the high pitched sound of birds screetching into a light yellow-green all enveloping colour field… their forms melting and merging…their plumage becoming translucent… and then disappearing into a higher dimension of spirit.

Whenever I do a bird painting there’s always a lot of dots. Dots represent the light. The building blocks of form. We are all light… but birds are closer to it.




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