Evening Sea sketchbook gouache


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‘Evening Sea’ gouache on paper A4

The joy of being part of the cosmos.

The horizontal diamond shapes in the sky represent light and they are moving into and out of the water. An experiment.

We play with the light.

It’s evening.


drawing of tree in sepia watercolour and charcoal by sue wellington

Watercolour and Charcoal Tree drawing for You

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate – so much – that you have followed and visited my blog this last year (and some for many more).

You’ve been kind enough to show you like my posts and this really means a lot to me.

Thankyou so very much….


ps. have a super cool Thanksgiving Day…


Sketchbook Scratchies



Version 1

I’ve been working out the composition and tonal arrangements for future paintings the last few weeks.

Having a tonal map that you can refer to – as rough as it is – is pretty essential. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re painting. With colour particularly for me. And you can lose sight of the essentials. That’s why these tonal maps are good value.

It just takes a bit of self-discipline to do them before you begin.


Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing something – it always comes down to self discipline.

alternate forest tree-tonal-drawing-2

Version 2

The very scratchy tonal drawings were done with faber-castell pitt artist pens.


Pastel Flying…


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pastel sea sketch by sue wellington

soft pastel on cartridge paper 27.5 x 15.5cm (10.75 x 6 in)

This is my first attempt for many years – decades – at drawing with soft pastel. It’s a preliminary drawing for a sea oil painting, so it’s pretty rough.

I must say it was fun – the pastel just flows onto the paper so easily. The dust was flying.

I don’t know, at this stage, whether all that dust was normal… or whether I had the wrong paper. Well I know I had the wrong paper. It was cartridge and wouldn’t have had enough ‘tooth’ – or surface texture – in it.

The colour is so brilliant with soft pastels as it’s just pure pigment with a little gum binder.

Seasoned pastel artists build up their work by using pastel pencils or cheaper pastels and then do the final layers in their best quality soft pastels. I can understand that, as the pastels are expensive.

It’s hard to resist the lure of the pastel. Soft or otherwise.


Sketchbook Heads


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boy crying oil pastel and ink by sue wellington-web talking heads pen and ink drawing sketchbook by sue wellington
Yesterday I was looking through sketchbooks for some landscape images to use for a calendar…  and stumbled upon these.

The one on the left is oil pastel and ink. The other two are ink and brush.
I think I must have done the one with two heads after a particularly challenging social gathering. You had to be there…

male profile head sketchbook drawing in pen and ink by sue wellington